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Are YOU a Facebook Spectator? A Vlog Stats & Tips Special

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Are You A Facebook Spectator

Does YOUR Target Market Use Facebook And What’s A Facebook Spectator?

41% of us are simple Facebook spectators – but what does that mean? Are you what I’d call Facebook Police?

HOW MANY people actually use Facebook in the UK? More importantly, does YOUR target market use Facebook?

As I love statistics I felt the need to create a handy little Vlog to share them with you! Watch this handy little video to learn how many people in the UK are online regularly and which demographics use social media most. Also how much time do people spend on the internet each week, and how long each day do we exercise our social media rights? This may help you decide if social media advertising is right for your business. (You may need a Facebook Page more than you think!)


A starters guide to creating a Facebook business page


If you need help to Be Found better on social media then please do GET IN TOUCH or call me on 07960 485173

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