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Get More Likes For Your Facebook Page

turn facebook post likes into page likes

turn facebook post likes into page likes

Get more people to LIKE your Facebook Page

One question I’ve been asked several times is “how can I invite more people to like my page?”

Well one really effective way of doing this is by asking those who have LIKED you post to LIKE your page too. This is a fairly effective way of increasing your audience organically, especially if you do it within a few days of your post being LIKED – strike whilst the iron is hot so to speak! In essence if they have LIKED your post it’s likely that they may be interested in other things you have to say. So sending them an invite whilst you are fresh in their mind is the best way to maximise conversion. It’s also great in cases where you have promoted you posts (boost or sponsored ad) and gained LIKE activity for that post, as you can now convert that post LIKE into a PAGE like.

But why don’t people just simply LIKE our page when they LIKE our post?

This is because when we search on Facebook we are often going at speed and looking for the fastest way to interact and move on to our next Facebook search or newsfeed item. If we like something we LIKE it there and then (smiley face, tick, love heart, angry face etc). But we are highly unlikely to take the time to search for the source and LIKE that page too unless it’s made simple for us.

So “how can I turn the Facebook post LIKES into Page LIKES?”

Simple, regardless of whether it’s a promoted post or just a plain post you can invite everyone who “LIKED” your post in someway to now LIKE your Page.

The way to send Facebook Page invites is:

1. Go to your Wall and find the post you want. Under the post, but above the bar with the 3 icons (for Like, Comment & Share) you will see it shows a blue thumb and a blue number – this is your number of likes. Click on this to get a popup with a list of the people who liked the post.

2. For each person you will see a button for inviting them to like your page.

3. Now just click INVITE and wait for them to accept.

If you have loads of LIKES this can be a tad time consuming as there isn’t an invite-all option. And don’t worry about annoying those who you have already invited or are existing fans of your page as Facebook automatically greys-out their invitations.

If you need help with this or any other aspect of your Social Media Content please do get in touch or call me on 07960 485173.

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