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Be Seen Be Found LTD launches Autumn 2017 – search and social media in Wakefield

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Be Seen Be Found is a boutique search and social media agency established by an accomplished marketing professional to offer personalised services to local businesses across the Yorkshire area. I offer advice and advertising support for Google and social media in Wakefield.

After 2 babies and almost a decade of working for a UK leading media organisation I decided to create something a little different to offer simple, flexible and highly effective marketing solutions to my fellow local businesses. I aim to take away the complexity and confusion of online marketing so that your business can be fully visible and contactable online without consuming all of your time, energy and patience.


Social media is the main wheel to keep any modern business turning. And it’s the fastest way to engage with your existing and future customers. However not enough businesses are exercising their social media rights and many who do aren’t doing it effectively.
Today, social media advertising is essential for most businesses. But finding the right way to engage your followers, and reach new ones, is getting more and more complex.
Time of day, relevant content, static or moving images, unique information, audience strategy and more is all key in effective social media marketing.

But also the reality is that some platforms, especially Facebook, have now evolved to the point that ads are the only sure way our messages will get to the audiences we care about.


Likewise the same could be said for search. Being listed on page 1 under the search terms which we desire our customers to see us is a mine-field! In many cases Google Adwords is the only answer but many businesses do not have the time or understanding to use them productively, or cost effectively.

As a Google Certified Individual I can combine the magic of both social media and search to ensure that your business can Be Seen Be Found on every digital platform that matters to your customer.

As a small business I can offer tailored and flexible solutions to suit the individuality of your business. Although not comprehensive some of the services I offer include:
– profile creation and management across the main social media platforms
– Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn strategy
– content management and posts
– “like” and “follower” audience growth strategies
– social media paid ads and profile boosting
– Google search Adwords
– Google retargeting Ads
– website support

I hope to make your business look right, say the right things and engage with your customers in the right way. Essentially I will maximise how social media and the internet works for you – Be Seen Be Found and be chosen!

Please don’t be a stranger – just get in touch if you want any help or advice;

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