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Facebook Vs Google

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Facebook Vs Google Advertising in Yorkshire

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We local businesses have a limited budget. Therefore, it can be hard to decide how to allocate our advertising budget. Money is tight, and a lack of time is often a problem.

Worse still as a new business, or new website, fighting for visibility in the search results seems impossible.

One of my local clients wanted to Be Seen Be Found better online whilst also increasing their sales. We had a theory that Google search ads would be the better platform to get leads. However, we wanted to test what value we could see from Facebook, such as Facebook page likes and audience awareness.

Basically is it worth investing in both search ads and Facebook ads for a small local business like us.

The objective for both Google and Facebook was to gain website hits, which would lead to sales. For our Google search ads, we focused on popular keywords with high purchase intent. As for Facebook we set a strict audience target based on customer personas, to show our ads to users who were most likely to convert. This targeting strategy was paired with good images and calls to action.

For the search ads we ran campaigns aimed at all customers in Wakefield and the local area. The same for Facebook but with regular redesigns so that the ads didn’t become stale.


When comparing the results we found that Google paid search ads are the best way to get instant results for the best budget in the short term. However without the Facebook ads, boosted posts and competitions this low cost conversion would not have happened. Through analytics it is clear that the Facebook presence played a massive part in the journey online visitors took.

Indeed the Facebook page gained new likes, shares and lots more high conversion traffic to their website with the addition of boosted posts and running a Facebook competition. We found that as the Facebook audience increased over time, so did the online transactions.


I would say that investing time and budget into Facebook posts and content alongside Google adwords is invaluable. Keep testing both Facebook and search ads as part of the marketing mix until you find what works best for you. And have patience when it comes to social media advertising as the more you grow your following, the more success you’ll have.