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Hello, I can help you with local online marketing in Yorkshire

Do you find it exhausting finding the right material to post on your Facebook and social media accounts? Who IS your audience and how do you grow it and keep them engaged? As for Google, do you really need a good website to Be Seen on the UK's No.1 search engine? Or, do you simply want your website to be listed higher locally on Google and for more of the right searches?
Fear not - help is here! I’m your LOCAL digital marketing specialist! Better still, as the Leeds & West Yorkshire Prestige Winner for Online Advertising Agency Of 2020, you know you are in good hands!

Be Seen Be Found on Google Search & Social Media – Digital Marketing in Wakefield, Yorkshire and Beyond.

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Need help with your local digital marketing? Local Google marketing is one of my specialties! I'm based in Wakefield and ready to help you anywhere in Yorkshire today.

The Local Approach To Digital Marketing and Online Advertising in Yorkshire

By getting to know your business like my own, I can showcase your business in the places where YOUR customers search
Be Seen and Be Found by your local customers. Here is how I can help.
  • 86% of people in the UK use Google. Be Seen first and for the right searches with Google Ads.

  • 90% of Yorkshire households have access to the internet. So, let's make you a great website or sort out your local SEO to Be Found by them.

  • 75% is Facebook's market share in UK social media. Over 45m Brits use it. So, Be Found on the top social sites: Facebook & Instagram!

  • 100% of Google users pick local listings. So, let's make your business appear for more searches and attract more attention.

Watch What I Can Do For You!

A truly flexible and personalised marketing company in Wakefield for all of Yorkshire. Below are my main services.

  • Social media management
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Facebook Ads
  • Social Media Profile Creation & Audits
  • Google Ads Advertising
  • Retargeting Ads
  • Google My Business Optimisation
  • Websites
  • Local SEO
  • WordPress
  • Blog Writing
  • Digital Training

About Me

As the owner and Digital Director of Be Seen Be Found Ltd, I hold over a decade of training and experience in digital marketing. Having been an award-winning Digital Marketing Manager for a UK leading digital marketing company, I decided it was time to do it myself. So I set up Be Seen Be Found in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Now I can continue to roll-out successful digital marketing strategies that will improve website conversions for local businesses. You can trust that you are in good hands as you will only ever deal with me. Plus, I like to work intuitively with you and your business. That way I can understand you, your company, your customers and the best online marketing to deliver the right leads.

Hi, I’m Lucy. Local digital marketing is what I do!

Lucy Middleton Be Seen Be Found

Is Social Media Or Google Advertising Right For You in Yorkshire?

It’s no longer enough to JUST have a website!

In our modern world it is no longer just about having a good website. Why? Beause you need to Be Seen by your target customers’ everywhere online. Plus, you need to get traffic to your website. Search and social media are the main wheels that keep most businesses turning. That’s because Search engines are essential in research, decision making and being found while social media is the fastest way to excite, engage and retarget our customers. However, not enough of us are exercising our social media rights. And many of us are failing to Be Seen on Google! But fear not, I’m here to help!

Facebook & Google specialist in local marketing

social media specialist services by Be Seen Be Found in Wakefield

Google advertising and social media budgets

As with social media marketing, the same could be said for search. Many of us do not understand Google search. Those of us that do have not got the time to make Google Ads work productively, or cost effectively, for our business. We can not ignore the importance that Google plays in getting our business in front of our customers. According to The Office For National Statistics 91% of the UK use the internet. Google holds a whopping 84% share of this.


What I have learnt through more recent experience is that to be visible on both the big online giants, Facebook and Google, you can no longer depend on just organic reach. Both Facebook and Google have evolved their search functions to give paid advertisers the best positions, or prominence. Today visibility has now evolved to the point that using targeted ads for our business is the only sure way that our messages will get to the audiences we care about.

Do you need a social media budget?

It is well recognised today that successful small businesses need a social media budget. This is in addition to the essential website budget. Indeed, social media expert Andy Barr was quoted on the BBC News  “As a general rule of thumb, it’s worth spending between 7-12% of your total monthly revenue or income on social media promotion for the best results,

I’m experienced and qualified

I’m a Google Certified Individual, Advanced Social Media Accredited and Facebook Blueprint trained professional. My knowledge and hands-on experience enables me to get you great results through a combination of Google search and social media management together.


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WordPress websites

I am experienced and certified in WordPress. WordPress websites look stunning, are technically slick and work fantastically on Google and mobile devices. I take care of all your copywriting, SEO and branding. I will even create your logo if you need.  After it’s built I can take care of any future amends and updates. Or if you want to do this yourself I can show you how. WordPress is the easiest website tool to use.

Websites that work!

Website design wakefield

Social media, search and website design in Wakefield

I offer the full service. My winning bundle of services includes social media, Google search and websites with great SEO. I will ensure that your business can Be Seen Be Found on every digital space that matters to your customer, or desired audience. This will then drive more business back to you.

Looking for something simple or flexible?

If you are only looking for support with just one area I can tailor my services to match your needs. So if you are only looking for Google Ads in Wakefield then we shall focus on Google together. If you require just Facebook management in Barnsley for a few months then we shall only focus on that.

Let’s together make your business look right, say the right things and engage with your customers in the right way.

Being a Yorkshire business woman myself, I aim to share my local knowledge of the region with other Yorkshire targeted businesses.


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Don't just take my word for it, see what some of my clients think about working with me.

Looking for a social media or Google audit today? All initial consultations are free and I try to provide you with additional advice that you can put in practice yourself too. Let's be honest - we are all in business to make a living but not everything has to cost. Sometimes the best advice is FREE and building a true and effective relationship is more important.

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