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Get Google Guaranteed With Google Local Service Ads

Guaranteed By Google Local Service Ads Wakefield Yorkshire

Be Google Guaranteed – Google Local Service Ads In Yorkshire

Guaranteed By Google Local Service Ads Wakefield Yorkshire

Get The Google Guaranteed Google Local Service Ads here.

What are Google Guaranteed Local Service Ads? 

Get Google Guaranteed with Google Local Service Ads! These ads launched UK-wide in 2021 and offer you a position ABOVE the better known Google Search Ads at the top of Google search. It’s a new and ideal way to reach your customers in your local area. Plus, it’s not cost per click based; instead, you only pay when you get a genuine lead! So to earn yourself a Google Guarantee badge, jump to the top of the search engine results page and pay only for the calls you get – give it a go! 

You can control the times your ads appear – so you only get calls when someone is there to answer them. Plus, you can display open hours, reviews, logos, images and unique selling points. 

These ads will appear on all devices, including voice search (Alexa or Siri). Unlike other Google Ads, they don’t need much management or optimisation – Google AI does it all for you! Simply set a weekly budget (which Google will help you set) and watch the calls come in. See more on how it works here.

Google Guaranteed Plumber In Leeds Local Service Ads
Where Do Google Local Service Ads Appear On Search?

Google Local Service Ads appear at the top of the search engine results page, but this space is limited as follows:
– Up to 3 Local Service Ads will appear on a desktop. 
– Up to 2 Local Ads will appear on mobile devices.
– Only 1 Local Service Ad will appear via voice search on Google Assistant. 

How Is Quality Score Managed On Google Local Service Ads?

To ensure your listing is ranked highly to appear on top more, you are ranked on the following factors:
Your business hours. 
How near your address is to the searcher’s location. 
Your review star rating and how many reviews you have. 
How quickly do you respond to customers. 
Any complaints you’ve received.

Can Anyone Use Google Local Service Ads?

Yes and no. As long as a Job classification suits your business, you are eligible. See a complete list of categories below. But, because this is a new type of Ad from Google, it’s still limited to selected “service” sectors within the United Kingdom, so you may find there is no relevant one for you yet. However, fear not – Google is launching new “service areas” and locations all the time!

Google Partner

Here’s A List Of Google Local Service Ads Available Categories

(This is accurate as of March 2022)  

Category: Appliance repairJob types:
 Repair dishwasher
 Repair dryer
 Repair freezer
 Repair oven
 Repair refrigerator
 Repair washer
Category: CarpentryCabinetry
 General installations
 General repairs & maintenance
 Shelving & storage
Category: Carpet cleaningOther
 Clean area rugs
 Clean carpet
 Clean upholstery
 Remove pet stains & odours.
Category: House cleaningOther
 Curtain cleaning
 Deep clean
 Marble cleaning
 Moving clean
 Oven cleaning
 Rubbish removal
 Standard clean
Category: Countertop servicesBathroom countertops
 Bathroom wall panels
 Countertop design
 Countertop installation
 Fireplace facade
 Granite countertops
 Kitchen countertops
 Kitchen wall panels
 Laminate countertops
 Marble countertops
 Quartz countertops
 Repair & maintenance
 Stone slab countertops
 Tile countertops
Category: ElectricalInstall electric car charger
 Electrical renovation
 Electrical testing & inspection
 Energy efficient lighting
 Fault finding
 Install electric boiler
 Install electric radiators
 Install electric shower
 Install electrical fittings
 Install fuse box
 Install lighting
 Install security system
 Install smoke alarm
 Repair light fixtures
 Service electric boiler
 Upgrade fuse box
Category: FencingCustom construction
 Fence design
 Fence installation
 Repairs & maintenance
Category: FlooringBaseboards
 Install tile
 Installing floors
 Floor polishing
 Floor refinishing
 Floor repair & maintenance
 Stair flooring
 Wood floor sanding
Category: FoundationsBasement waterproofing
 Crawl space foundation
 Foundation drainage
 Foundation installation
 Foundation raising
 Repairs & maintenance
 Slab foundation
 Steel pier pilings
 Water & moisture control
Category: Garage doorsEmergency garage door repair
 Garage remote repair
 General maintenance
 Install garage door
 Install opener
 Repair garage door
Category: General contractingAccessory buildings
 Bathroom remodel
 Decks and patio
 Exterior finishing
 Commercial projects
 Home addition
 Home building
 Home remodel and renovation
 Interior finishing
 Kitchen remodel
Category: HandymanAssemble furniture
 Clean gutters
 Install drywall
 Install fan
 Install flooring
 Install tile
 Install water fixtures
 Mount TV
 Paint indoors
 Paint outdoors
 Repair drywall
 Repair fan
 Repair flooring
 Repair water fixtures
 Replace tile
Category: Home inspectionBuyer seller inspection
 Commercial properties
 Fire safety
 Fireplace and chimney
 Full home inspection
 New construction
 Home warranty
 Water testing
 Well or septic system
 Wood and insects
Category: HVACOther
 Install AC
 Install boiler
 Install oil tank
 Install thermostat
 Repair AC
 Repair radiator
 Service boiler
 Underfloor heating installation
 Underfloor maintenance
 Underheating heating maintenance
Category: Junk removalBulky waste collection
 Furniture removal
 Man & van rubbish clearance
 Skip bag collection
 Skip hire collection
 WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment)
Category: LandscapingArtificial turf installation
 concrete masonry
 driveway landscaping
 Garden decorations
 Grading & re-sloping
 Landscape design
 Landscape installations
 Outdoor steps
 Outdoor water features
 Driveway or walkway paving
 Retaining walls
 Walkway landscaping
 Sod & seeding
Category: Lawn careGarden maintenance
 Hedge removal
 Hedge trimming
 Lawn mowing/maintenance
 Weed control
Category: MovingFurniture pick up & delivery
 Long-distance move
 Man & a van
 Junk removal
 Moving transportation
 Packing / unpacking
Category: Pest controlAnimal & pest proofing
 Bed bugs
 Fleas or mites
 Hornets or wasps
 Nest removal
Category: PlumbingBathroom installation
 Install hot water cylinder
 Install shower
 Install toilet
 Repair faucet
 Repair hot water cylinder
 Repair pipe
 Repair shower
 Repair sink
 Repair toilet
 Repair water leak
 Water removal
Category: Pool cleaningCommercial pool cleaning and maintenance
 Equipment maintenance repair
 One time pool cleaning
 Ongoing pool cleaning
 Seasonal opening and closing
 Spa and hot tub cleaning
 Spa and hot tub repairs
 Tile and pool wall cleaning
 Water testing and balancing
Category: Pool contractorPool construction
 Commercial projects
 Custom designs
 Repair cracks
 Repair tile
 Water features
 Spa and hot tub installation
Category: RoofingChimney repair
 Clean gutters
 Clean roof
 Roof installation
 Roof repair
 Solar panel installation
Category: SidingRepair & Maintenance
 Siding installation
 Siding removal
Category: Snow removalCommercial snow removal
 Residential ploughing
 Residential shovelling blowing
 Salt sand and de-icing
 Snow relocation
Category: Tree servicesHedge cutting
 Stump removal
 Tree maintenance
 Tree pruning
 Tree removal
 Tree shaping
Category: Water damage servicesBasement damp proofing
 Ceiling leak repair
 Document recovery
 Fire damage cleanup/repair
 Odour control
 Water damage cleanup
 Mould removal
 Sewage cleanup
 Water removal
Category: Window cleaningCommercial window cleaning
 Exterior window cleaning
 High rise window cleaning
 Interior window cleaning
 Power/pressure washing
  Rooftop/skylight cleaning
Solar panel cleaning
Window seal cleaning
Category: Window servicesFaulty locks or problem hinges replaced
 Replacement window sill section
 Reseal double glazing
 Window draught-proofing system
 Window installation
 Window renovation
 Window security

This Is Why Google’s Local Service Ads Are Worth It! 

If you want a cost-effective, easy to set up and easy to run advertising method that sits at the top of Google, then Google Local Service Ads are worth it! As long as you fit within one of their category classifications above, you can start taking complete control of your weekly and monthly budgets and get significant cost per lead growth! 

1. Only Pay Per Lead

Pay per click advertisers pays for clicks regardless of whether they convert and make contact or not. With Local Service Ads, you only get charged for actual leads (calls, messages), and you set your cap on how much you want to spend for them. Plus, you don’t get charged for unanswered calls, and you can dispute any fraudulent, spam, duplicate or poorly matched leads in exchange for a credit back.

2. Get Verified For A Google Guarantee Badge

There are a few verifications to complete under the “Business Verification” tab, and it will take a few days to be approved, but it’s worth it to earn your status as ‘Google guaranteed’. This is then automatically displayed to everyone who sees your business, so they know you are trustworthy and checked by Google. Great for trust, authenticity and getting an edge on your competition! It is also great for customers – the badge protects them if they are unsatisfied with the work they receive for jobs booked through Local Service Ads (capped at £2,000 protection).

3. Showcase 5 Star Reviews  

Your reviews here are unique and showcased under your name. However, be aware that these reviews and your ad listing are NOT linked to your Google Business listing on the map. These ratings are unique to your Google Local Ads listing. To get more reviews, go to your “Dashboard” and select “Business Verification”, then click “Customer Reviews”, and you will find the link to send to customers to collect these reviews.

Make sure you send these review requests out to build up your ratings. Google has said that they will automatically add the option to request reviews under your “Leads” any day now (once you mark a job as booked) – keep your eyes peeled for this option soon!

4. Get To The Top Of Google

Local service ads appear top, above organic and other Google Search Ads on Google – so you will have a better chance of being seen first! So your ratings, Google Guaranteed badge and quick contact details will all work together to get you to the top of Google. If you want more bites of the cherry, do this alongside Google Search Ads and an excellent local SEO strategy to dominate Google).

5. Be Found On Voice Search With Google Local Ads

Yes, Be Seen Be Found on voice search with Google Local Service Ads! Now you can Be Found on that 20% of searches come from voice searches like Google Assistant.  

6. Easy-Peasy Set Up & Management

There’s no keyword selection, you won’t have to create multiple ads, and there is no tricky ongoing management. This is search campaign management at its simplest! Simply walk thru the main set-up, choosing your main service category and sub-job types, like below:

Next, add the following simple elements to your setup details (under “Profile & Budget” ):

  • Your business hours (and Ad Schedule if you wish).
  • Your business address, phone & website.
  • Select Google’s bullet points for your bio.
  • Your service areas. 
  • Advert photos – your logos, business images etc
  • Your job/service types.
  • Toggle on if you “messages” as well as calls (these come to you on email and in your dashboard)
  • Your weekly budget.

Then when it comes to budget, Google gives you the lowest to highest option per week so you can make your selection and you’re ready to work! Even the reporting is clean and straightforward, storing lead phone numbers so you can get back to them if you need to. And you’ll never miss another lead – you get an email with every lead you get!

Track Your Leads & Manage Your Account 

Managing your leads

Once you are live on Local Service Ads, you can see and manage your leads under your “Leads” tab:

Get Started With Google’s Local Ads

Are You Eligible For Google Guarantee Local Service Ads? 

Before thinking about your setup, take a look at the categories list and make sure there is a category or search topic that suits your business. If your service isn’t listed yet, then do not worry, get in touch, and I can check if your business category has been launched yet!

If you’re eligible, take a look at set up HERE or get in touch, and you’d help!

Need Help?

If you’d like some help, then Be Seen Be Found can help! Why not get in touch for some help? 

What I offer:

  • Help with your account setup
  • Ongoing optimisation and management (only if you need it) 
  • I’m an award-winning Google partner

Get Started With Google’s Local Service Ads here.