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How To Set Up Google Business Profiles

How To Set Up Google Business Profiles

Set Your Google Business Profile On Google Maps For Free

How to set up Google Business Profiles, is it easy? Yes, once you’ve decided to get your business on the MAP, and a super-tool like Google is where it needs to go! But how do you get your business set up on Google Maps, Google My Business or (as it is now called) Google Business Profile (GMP)? It’s simple – In fact, Google walks you through the whole process and even emails you regularly afterwards with performance and super hand tips! In fact, I even received a lovely little email prompt from the super-search engine this December to remind me to update my Christmas opening hours! As I had totally forgotten about letting the world know I would be off relaxing for a couple of weeks I found this absolutely tip top of Google!

How To Set Up Your Google Business Profiles Guide

How to set up Google Business Profiles, can you set up a Google Business map listing for your business? You want to Be Seen in the right way and ideally ahead of other businesses in your area. For instance if you are a Marketing Company in Wakefield you would like to appear above other Marketing Companies in Wakefield. But how do you set up your Google My Business listing?

Firstly, what is Google My Business? It is the way to tell Google all about your company so that it can help people who are searching for your services in your area find you. I’m sure you will agree that we all have tapped into Google the name and area of a local business we are hoping to find and love that little box which appears with “Call Now” or “Directions” via their Google Business Listing. Well, this is what I want to help you set up for your business!

How Long Do Google Business Listings Take To Appear?

After you input your activation code from Google, your listing goes live in 24 hours. It can then take a few more weeks before it is optimised. Remember, the more details you complete, the better your Google Business Profile will perform!

To start the process, access the set-up page Google My Business

  1. Once you select MANAGE NOW, if you have any Google Business Profiles assigned to you, they will appear here. the instructions and fill in your details. If you wish to add another business, click the blue “Add Business” button and select “Add Single Business”.
  2. Google will then walk you through each step and then need you to prove your address is real, so it will usually send you a verification code. As long as your email matches your website URL, email will work; sometimes, it may use a phone pin. However, in some cases, Google will use a postal pin.
  3. Once you have your verification code, follow the instructions and “Verify” your Google My Business
  4. You’re up and running (give or take a few days)


I can’t tell you the number of times I have helped someone set up their Google Business Profile listing only to discover that there is already one in place! If your business is already listed on Google My Business or Google Maps, it’s so much quicker to CLAIM this rather than starting from scratch. Plus you don’t want loads of duplication of your business, as it just gets messy and is bad for SEO! To check just go to Google Maps and search for your business in your town/city/village and scroll down or around the map where you’re located and check there isn’t a pin on your office. Go to Google+ and search on there too.


Get On Google My Business, Google Business Profiles

First, you need to head over to Google My Business and you will see a page that looks something like this:

Screenshot from sign-in page of Google My Business
Click the green “start now” button and follow the instructions. 

The key here is to be consistent. Ensure your NAP (name, address, phone) appears the same as on your website and all online listings (same order, spelling, areas, etc.). For instance, if you use “Rd” rather than “Road,” state this everywhere, or if you use your village name as well as your town, use both everywhere—keep your address identical everywhere you list it online. If you don’t, you confuse search engines and web crawlers and generally make for messy SEO.


Pick Your Google Business Category

Choosing your business category on Google My Business
When setting up your company on Google My Business, choose your single category carefully. Check through the various options and find the one that best suits your primary service. Google will only let you pick from its listed services and will only let you have 1 primary category. 

You can add secondary categories later, but your primary category choice is important.

Please be careful not to skip the last part of this page: “I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location.” The option is Yes or No.

If you don’t want your address listed on Google Maps, you need to check “Yes”. Don’t skip the last yes/no question – your answer here is important

If you’re a trade person or the sort of business that visits your customers at their own location, you want to check “Yes” here too. Unless you want people visiting you at your address, you want to click “Yes”. You will later be presented with the option to choose your ‘service area’, which is the radius of places that you’re willing to visit, sell to or work for, and potentially the area Google may serve your details up to.


Your Google Business Profile Map Location

You may see that Google has not dropped your location pin in the right place, or you may wish to move it for privacy. Changing this will be fairly simple if you’re familiar with Google Maps. Again, Google tries to help, it’ll drop a pin in the map based on the address it thinks you have provided. If it’s not right, just drag the pin and drop it in the right place.  If you serve people in your surrounding areas from your base, or if you checked “No” to the question about delivering goods above, then you can still set your delivery/service radius. You can pick cities or regions (e.g. Wakefield or West Yorkshire) or choose a distance from your given address in a mile radius. You can also check a box to add (and show) your business location if you sell and deliver goods at your store. Pick as many areas as you are allowed for increased reach.


Google Business Profi;e Verification

Last step: Double-check all the details, especially the postal address. Traditionally, your verification code was posted to your given address! Nowadays, it’s a simple email verification, or sometimes a call or text message with your verification pin. Make sure you confirm “I am authorised to manage this business, and I agree to the Terms of Service” to tick off, and then your verification will be on its way to you.

Emails or texts are usually instant, but the old school snail-mail takes 5-7 days for a Google verification postcard. all the instructions for verifying your listing. As soon as you have your numeric pin verification code, return to your Google Business Profile and enter your pin. Within 24 hours, your listing is live and verified!

Get Verified On Google Business Profile

There you have it, how to set up Google Business Profiles! Good luck getting listed, and give me a shout if you need any help with your Google My Business listing!

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